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Pakistan's top notch marketer of airports Outdoor One (Pvt.) Ltd. has an honor of being a pioneer in modern display concepts. We are proud of being a 'creme de la creme' choice of countless national & international brands as Pakistan's top Advertising Agency and all airports media solutions providers since a decade.

Who Are We

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Khurrum Zafar


Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Naveed Zafar


Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Hikmat Turrabi


Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Khurrum Mirza

General Manager

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Zeeshan Rehman

Senior Manager, Marketing

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Shoukat Khan

Senior,Graphic Director

Our Major Airport Network

We have successfully developed and maintained the most comprehensive network of major airports in Pakistan.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Audience Profile

Global C-Suite Executives

Professionals from all around the world are must to come at the Airport. These professionals belong to fields such as banking, finance, tech, energy, and more, these highly influential men and women have always been a desirable advertising target for any brand.

Millenial Business Elite

The up-and-comers in the business world, this is another group that should be targeted by a smart advertising campaign.

Connected Trendsetters

Not only do you want to attract the attention of these frequent travelers, you also want to impress them to the point where they choose to refer their friends to you as well. Half of the workforce by 2020 is expected to fit into this category.

Innovative Tech Pioneers

The business world has gone global, and the influencers in the tech world are frequently found traveling the globe to grow their brands.

Global Jetsetters

Spending time at the airport is an experience all to itself, and the jetsetters who frequent the world's largest airports are potential customers that you should be striving to attract.

Did You Know ?

  • “Airport advertising is expected to double its audience within 20 years no other medium can make that claim.”

  • “Passengers who see airport advertising which to be engaged with those ads to learn more about the brand or offer.”

  • “Passengers are comfortable with the idea of advertising within an airport, so they are more accepting of the messages they receive.”

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  2. Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Why Airports?

An Incomparable Media

Insurmountable opportunities tapped at the airport are hard to ignore. Take a glimpse below of one of the world's leading media platform verses traditional media, which will surely propel you to dive into this dynamic world of successful advertising.


No selectivity of audience. Content limited by shortness. Can be expensive to produce. No control over airtime or frequency. Rarely air during prime time.


Relatively limited opportunities for placement. Fragmented market. May be skimmed quickly. Limited reach.

Transit Advertising (Buses, Subways, Bumper Stickers)

No audience selectivity. Risk of vandalism, weather damage, and pasting over. Bumper stickers require simple messages and accommodating car owners.

Online Advertising (Websites, E-Mail, Electronic Media)

There is a lot of online clutter. It's still a medium which needs acceptance in market other than teenagers. Some say it's too measurable and it's easy to get overloaded by statistics.

Outdoor Advertising In City

Maximum time a person spends is at a traffic signal. Where having a much greater opportunity to pay attention to a billboard even that Brand Exposure Duration is up-to 60 seconds. The actual advertisement exposure rate is 50 % or less than the perceived or defined person exposure.

Outdoor Advertising At The Airport

Innovative. Uncluttered. Larger-than-life. Cost-effective. Campaigns to suit all marketing budgets. High levels of exposure due to the extended dwell time. Creates maximum awareness. Improves name recognition. Target mass or niche markets. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unsurpassed reach and frequency. General or targeted market coverage. Fits into virtually any advertising campaign. Advertising sites are situated to deliver maximum footfall.


  • “With Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd. we have implemented an integrated Campaign for Emaar all across Pakistan. Within these three years we get response every now and then by our customers that they were excited to see that Emaar is in Pakistan as soon as they landed.”

    — S.M. Mumtaz,Regional Marketing Head,Emaar

  • “Advertsing at the Airports is one of the reasons that we've been accomplishing growth in the last few years. We are enjoying a great deal of success.”

    — Tauseef Hussain Shah,Senior Vice President Marketing,Jubilee General

  • “Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained.”

    — UBL

  1. Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

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Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.