Static Media

With us lies an utmost solution to your every need, be it Hoardings, Back-lit Displays, Banners, Digital Displays, Wraps, Clings & Exhibits etc. you name it and we have it.

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There is nothing subtle about this form of airport advertising and that is a good thing. Spectaculars are large-scale light boxes which is as large as 15 feet in width! Great for areas with plenty of traffic such as routes to and from baggage claim, Walkways to departure and from arrival, Departure Halls.

Type: LightBox Static
Target: International and Domestic Baggage Claim Area,International & Domestic Walkways both Departure & Arrivals & Departure Halls.
Format: 22'x 09', 24' x 10', 28'x 06', 24' x 06'
Airports: Karachi & Lahore
Footfall: upto 100,000 daily
Quantity: 18

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.


Use a diorama to connect your airport advertising message with those who are moving through areas such as intersections, public areas, escalators, and more. Sleek, bright and sized right, these beautiful signs showcase your brand to millions every month.

Type: LightBox Static
Target: International and Domestic Baggage Claim Area,International & Domestic Walkways both Departure & Arrivals & Departure Halls.
Format:12'x10',10'x 10',14'x06',11'x06,10'x04',08'x10,05'x10',08'x04',09' x03',08'x03'
Airports: Karachi,Lahore, Islamabad, Multan,Gawadar, Peshawar
Footfall: upto 100,000 daily
Quantity: 50

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are airport adverting which is designed to catch attention by fitting in perfectly with the design of any space. Displays are both large and small having a strong impact on your brand.

Type: Wall Wrap Statics
Target: International and Domestic Baggage Claim Area,International & Domestic Arrival Halls.
Format:16'x09',40'x 09'
Airports: Lahore and Islamabad
Footfall: upto 100,000 daily
Quantity: 2

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Travelator Glass Branding

First Time in Pakistan Airports

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd. always beleive in innovative brandings, we are delighted to unveil the first branded travelators in Karachi Airport.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile Charging Kiosks

Brand While You Serve

If your branding strategy is focused on offering the best possible service to customers while making a profit and building your brand, Outdoor One. Pvt. at your service. We're dedicated to providing your customers with a valuable service while helping you increase your display advertising revenue and offering an additional branding opportunity.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Baggage Trolleys

Brand Is There Where The Acton Is

Who does not want to take the brand where the action is? We can make it possible for you by making your media go where your audience goes. Baggage trolleys are passengers'friends hanging with them from arrival at the airportto check-in, or from baggage reclaim to the taxi. It's the perfect place for your brand to meet your consumer,one-on-one.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
90 Sheets

Prismatic Frontlit Billboard

The most popular of large format billboard advertising, allows you to reach your audience on a local, regional or national level.

Type: Billboard Static
Target: International & Domestic Terminal Entrance & Exit
Format:90'x 15'
Airports: Islamabad
Footfall: upto 60,000 daily
Quantity: 1

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
Augmented Building Branding

Building Wraps

We are the ultimate solution providers of Augmented Building Branding. Our targeted areas of building wraps, scaffold wraps and super-sized outdoor graphics are hard to resist by brands.

At Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd. we take care of everything under one roof which includes print, fabrication, logistical and installation expertise to create outdoor media that is monumental, awe-inspiring and undeniable.

We produce groundbreaking wrapping entire buildings. Our most craved for Building locations in Karachi empowers brands to exhibit their products and services on a canvas that is larger than life.


  • “Airport is tightly integrated with the local city, interpreting the local culture, history, and cuisine through a new eye with the sense of uniqueness, and novel touches. An airport is a peaceful mini-city with a complex of retail, entertainment, dining, and work places.”

  • “Research shows when passengers spend significant time at the airport appreciating the first class facilities and thoughtful ambience, it helps to develop higher brand –loyalty that boosts up higher arousal for shopping as compared to other stimuli.”

  • “People from all sorts of background and culture meet at the airport with each other and with the brands, if you want to know about a country you instantly grab an idea of its cul ture and ethnicity by visiting its airport.”

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