Creating the Wow Factor through High Level Branding.

Blending Cultural Faith to Modern State of the Art Advertising Media.

We believe in revolutions, at this point of time the world is dynamically changing, our Research and Development Department makes sure to keep a track of worldwide media based on upcoming technologies and gradually integrating the media in our Airports Media Network.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.


Gigantic Display

Towering displays create stunning brand showcase all across Aiport

SKY-Scraping Visibility

Positioned for maximum visibility to Millenial Elite Class.

Best Media Opportunity of the City

One of the most coveted and high demand media of the town.

Always Ahead of Time

Instantaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.

Limitless Advertising

Advertising capabilities include social media integration, countdowns, day/weekparting, live updates,sports,conditional content (weather, temperature)etc.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.


One Creative Execution

Making it easier for advertisers to book and run dynamic digital campaigns using one creative execution and reach passengers where dwell time is the highest.

Network Exclusive For Travellers

Customized SMD Displays exclusively designed for the airport environment to reach and engage a world on-the-go.

Desirable Advertsing Spots

12 SMD Displays provide rolling and static digital advertising spots.

Key Position Areas

Located in the highest traffic areas of airport including main lobbies, ticketing, departure gates, and baggage claim areas

Real-Time Advertsing

Blend of real-time information, news content and advertisements 24/7.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Highly Visual & Impactful Jet Bridge Branding

Greet Enthusiastically

Where else you can whole heartedly greet your existing and potential customers by making first and last impression through welcoming and seeing off them from your country.

Most Exclusive Branding

Jet Bridge advertising is considered one of the leading and most elite opportunities available at an airport anywhere in the world.

100% Reach to All Travelers

Jet bridge ads are the first and last messages that 100% of all travelers will see when they arrive or depart.

Massive Branding Space

Be creative and excite your captive audience by electrifying advertisements highlighted all over the blank huge canvas.


Our experience and expertise has provoked major advertisers in Pakistan seeking our help in SMDs and LEDs . This has propelled us to trade and rent SMD and LED displays and screens, SMD and LED walls, variable message signs, electronic billboards.

We deal in SMDs and LEDs of any size and shape with guaranteed and certified quality for professional use.

LED and SMD screens and displays are installed with the support and expertise of skilled staff in-house and a network of partners on-site.