Digital Media

Edge Your Brand Gets By Advertising On Airport Digital Network.

An Airport Media Revolution

The first ever Airport Digital Network of Pakistan. Digital Network in high definition is offered at the nation's busiest airport Jinnah International Airport Karachi covering the entire airport with 105 highly captivating must to look at screens. Our network is based on excellence in programming, our technical expertise, and our response to passenger, airport and airline needs.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Guaranteed Target Audience Of Millions In Both National And International Market

We now offer exclusive opportunity for all brands to advertise with us on our Digital Network Platform. No other vicinity can guarantee the definite brand exposure with exceptionally high brand visibility to the highest income demographics available in the country.

Leading Edge Technology

Latest display screens technology- large high definition LED flat panels display screens.

Trackable Ambient Noice Control

Program audio level automatically tracks the ambient noise level in each viewing area to deliver intelligible, non-intrusive audio

Multiple-Format Publishing

A successful campaign off the ground level and in front of thousands of exclusive audience a day, as we have a multiple-format publishing capabilities for both graphics and videos.Static Graphic or Video Formats, Full Screen Placements,Ad Placements.

Advanced Color Calibration

It is factory tuned for brightness, color temperature and gamma. It delivers optimal uniformity and impressive images right out of the box.

Latest Split Screen Feature

It incorporates several novel features including Split View Multscreen. This is a feature that allows you to view live TV and display advertisements, promotions or announcements at the same time. This is made possible by the quad-core processor.

Central Control System

A digital asset management system comprising documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers and other data. This is done with CMS Solution.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.
Airport Audience Survey for Digital Screens

Superb Audience Poll Results


Of the passengers say that Digital Screens Network has improved airport environment and has made their stay pleasant.

98 %

Of the passengers feel Digital Screens Network helps them to stay in touch with what is happening in our country and rest of the world.

94 %

Of the passengers look forward for Digital Screens Network the next time they fly and desire it to launch in all the airports.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

Let's take your business to the next level

All At One Place

Since the airport is a must to visit place for all the decision makers and influencers in the town. No other place has the ability to gather all spenders; be it any class (Bureaucrats, Businessmen, Working Class, Families etc.) at one place like airport. Any segment which a brand wish to reach to is readily available at the airport 24/7 365 days a year.

Hit The Target

We becoming a bridge between a brand and a target market, provide a commercial time on our screens for exclusive, effective messages and revenue generating advertising, creating a direct line of communication with air travellers.

Non Stop Round The Clock

We broadcast twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all round the clock with expert technical and editorial staff.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.

We know What is Best For You

Maximum Brand Recall

The most engaging venue of a country, with 84% of airport travelers' recall of a particular advertising while waiting at the airport.

Get Noticed. Stay in Hearts

Making the passengers stay at the airport delightful, well informed and entertained. Reducing stress caused by travel. Perceived waiting time is tremendously reduced.

100 % Pure Reach

No distraction. No channel Flipping. Ample time to watch and think about your brand.

Outdoor One Pvt. Ltd.


Comprehending the advance marketing demands of the era, we have excelled in the world of outdoor mobile marketing by developing a fleet of unconventional mobile vehicles equipped with the latest in digital technology.

These SMD fleets are specifically designed to captivate the targeted audiences more effectively than any other outdoor mobile medium, as these enable exceptional attention grabbing and reinforce branding way longer than any other medium

Mobile Digital Billboards have power to attract attention by displaying vivacious animations and graphics geared to create brand retention within specific demographics.

Reaching the audiences oblivion to traditional broadcast and print media, it delivers more value, encourage sales and positive response with a relatively low investment.